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Why Super Speed Pipes


High-Velocity Car

The race car that comes with each Super Speed Pipes track will move at an incredibly fast speed of 50, 000 RPM, which means that within one second, each wheel will turn approximately 833 times. It's so fast that an open racetrack might not contain it without it flying off either side, but luckily, this particular type of track is closed.


Transparent Track

Although your track will be closed (aside from each end) after you've built it, you'll always be able to see your race car sail down it since all the pipes and connectors are transparent. Some pieces are blue and some are clear, so you may be able to see your car a bit more clearly as it moves through the clear pipes.

Compact Wireless Remote

The wireless remote control that you'll use to operate your race car is green like the car, and each one is compact, so almost all children will be able to hold it in one hand. If you want to carry yours somewhere with you, it'll fit into one of the hip pockets of most pairs of pants.

Stabilizer Wheels

Your Super Speed Pipes race car will have stabilizer wheels on each side, which will help it stay upright as it moves through the track at almost lightning speed. What's more, each car also has a spring-loaded tension arm which will make sure that the driving wheel is always in contact with one side of one of your pipes, even while the car's upside-down. As a result, your car will never stop rolling along and get stuck in the middle of the track.

LED Light

When it's dark out, for some extra glow-in-the-dark fun, you'll have the option of turning on your race car's LED light, which will make it look like a beam of light zipping through your track. Plus, each track comes with a cosmic light-up strobe ball that you can launch along the track with your car. It'll move along quickly, too!

Positive Points

For Kids of All Ages

One of these racetracks will appeal to kids of all ages and various genders, despite the fact that the youngest kids may need help charging their car and operating their remote control. Even the smallest connector pieces appear to be too big for a toddler to pop into their mouth, although young children should always be supervised while using one of these sets. If you're an adult who decides to supervise, playing with the track may look so fun, you just might decide to join in.


May Entertain Pets

Aside from children, one of these tracks may entertain pets such as cats and dogs, who may enjoy the movement of the race car through the track. Your pet won't be able to grab your car away from you, though, unless they snag it when it flies out either end, due to the track's closed nature. Once you add the LED light to the car, your dog or cat may get really excited, especially if they typically enjoy chasing a laser pointer.

Makes A Good Gift

If you're looking for something to give a child for their birthday, or as a gift on some other special occasion, a Super Speed Pipes track will be a great choice for almost any child. If they're having a birthday party with their friends or siblings, all the kids may want to start designing a track together right after they open up the package.

Can Use More Than One

Those users who are lucky enough to have more than one track set, or who have friends or relatives who do, will be able to build an extra-long track by connecting two or more sets. After you've done so, you'll be able to launch all the race cars down your massive track. If competition's more your thing, you might also want to build identical tracks side-by-side with your friends and then race your cars down them to see whose is faster.