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How To Play Super Speed Pipes

1. Charge up Car and Remote

Prior to building your first track, it's best that you put batteries in your set's remote control and charge your race car by plugging it into your computer with the USB cable. To find out what batteries you'll need, you'll also have to download your configuration guide from the internet.

2. Set up Track

Using the track configuration guide to help you if you choose, it'll then be time to build your first track. Each set contains 3 straight speed tubes, 8 curved tubes, a straight tube with a door and 12 other smaller connectors, so you'll be able to hook these together in a variety of ways. Remember to twist each piece after you connect it to another in order to attach the two securely. You should also put the tube with a door in a convenient place, as your car will need to enter the track through this one.


3. Launch Car

Finally, when you're done building your track, you can launch your car. You may want to add stickers from the included sticker sheet to it first, but that's completely optional. To launch your car, insert it into the straight tube with a door by opening up that door. Following that, after making sure your remote control is on and set to channel A or B, you can aim it at your car in order to launch it. You should be no more than a few inches away from your car when pressing the appropriate buttons on your remote.