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How To Play Super Speed Pipes

1. Charge up Car and Remote Prior to building your first track, it's best that you put batteries in your set's remote control and charge your race car by plugging it into your computer with the USB cable. To find out what batteries you'll need, you'll also have to download your configuration guide from the internet. 2. Set up Track Using the track configuration guide to help you if you choose, it'll then be time to build your first track. Each set contains 3 straight speed tubes, 8 curved tubes, a straight tube with a door and 12 other smaller connectors, so you'll be able to hook these together in a variety of ways. Remember to twist each piece after you connect it...

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Why Super Speed Pipes

Features High-Velocity Car The race car that comes with each Super Speed Pipes track will move at an incredibly fast speed of 50, 000 RPM, which means that within one second, each wheel will turn approximately 833 times. It's so fast that an open racetrack might not contain it without it flying off either side, but luckily, this particular type of track is closed. Transparent Track Although your track will be closed (aside from each end) after you've built it, you'll always be able to see your race car sail down it since all the pipes and connectors are transparent. Some pieces are blue and some are clear, so you may be able to see your car a bit more clearly...

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